Happy new Year!

It’s been a long absence but I’m back - and we all are here, despite all Maya’s previsions...
Not much gaming in these last months, still I’d like to share few pics of the nice Hero Quest game me and few  friends had during the night of the last 2012 day!
Since I was very lazy around 2 am, my thanks go to Francesco and his mobile phone..
This is the crucial point of the game: the Heroes have found a Nurgle sorcerer (warhammer fluff is still fantastic fantasy background in my opinion…), coming with a personal guard of Chaos Warriors and a mutated dog (a beast that tore apart -and I mean dead, dead, dead- 2 players before being taken down... ok, here you see him down because of a "sleep" spell, but it woke up the turn after in a baaaaad mood)
A Mage summoned Djiin helped a lot in beating the bad guy but in the end the 2 surviving heroes were left just 1 Body Point each.. a very tough but funny game!

For this new year, I’d like to put together a couple of things:
-          Add some scenarios to Secret wars (if anyone tried it, please kindly send me a comment)
-          Maybe -I still don’t know - create a quick and fast conversion to play HeroQuest with WH40k background. I know there is/was Space Crusade –or StarQuest- out there, but it is does not have exactly the same feeling Hero Quest has... (WH40k HQ should in my opinion look closer to a very simplified “Inquisitor” game)