domenica 8 febbraio 2015

Gaming Boards


in the past weeks I tried to put together some terrain elements and some different gaming boards, mostly focusing on 15mm stuff.
My main goal was to create some nice looking enviroments using only leftover materials.
This is the board I made out of some foamcore and polystyrene, adding wall plaster, sand and few rocks:

The board is made from A3 foamcore sheets. I finished 2 out of 4 planned; in the next pics you can see the new ones together with the finalized/painted ones

And here you can see the final effect with some 15mm minis, all from Ground Zero Games:

Hills can host some important game objectives...

Even if at the moment I only have 2xA3 they still have proven themselves enough for few nice 15mm games :)

At the moment I'm thinking about creating other boards with different materials... stay tuned!


2 commenti:

  1. You know, those two boards don't match exactly. The style of hillside and cliff is a little different, and the colors one of the cliffs is a little darker than the other. That's a good thing - that lack of uniformity makes the board look a lot more natural. Which works especially well given the more gritty look of the structures you use with them. Keep it up, man, it's inspirational.