martedì 13 aprile 2010


Welcome friend, and do not worry about the title, I was just looking for something fun for a miniature wargaming blog and I remembered the title of the nice movie "No man's Land".

Indeed, this is supposed to be the space where I will share pics and comments about my passion - just a bit nerdy- for wargaming.

I will not post anything about historical wargaming; my main interest is in Sci-Fi. In the last times, I have been especially interested in 15mm Sci fi...

Especially because of these amazing blogs:

There's something really good in the way this niche of the market is growing day by day... something that remember me when I started with 28mm, the hobby was young, the Rogue Trader suggested to "build your vehicles from scratches", the grass was greener and so on.

I have ordered some ARC Fleet Light Recon Trooper from Critical Mass Games ( and found them AMAZING.
So... Let's get the party started! :)))


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