domenica 15 dicembre 2013

ARC Fleet Light Recon color schemes

Hi all,

I recently ordered some great stuff with Yuri from GZG but, when we met to split the order (and have a beer), we decided also to trade some of the minis we already had.

So I now have... 15-16 more ARC Fleet Light Recon from Critical Mass Games!
Just by surfing on this blog you might understand how much I love these minis, in my opinion they are so well proportioned and their uniform is just perfectly fitting my taste.
They remember me a bit Halo's ODST and that is pretty good too!

So, since I will have to paint some more of them (and I'm thinking to order a dozen more and make an army) I made some reference tables to study new color schemes for them, please enjoy :)

Let me know if you like/will use any of them for your minis!


martedì 3 dicembre 2013

Song of Blades and Heroes tryouts

Hi all,

and sorry for posting so infrequently in the last months.
Still, me and my gaming buddies are planning some cool things for the next months: in fact we discovered a new brand of rules we all are really IN LOVE with: I'm talking about Andrea's Sfiligoi Ganesha Games rulesets.

We knew about GG but never tried anything before and... damn, these games are really good!
You can really play your game in a couple of hours and the mechanics themselves deliver lot of fun... in fact, while being incredibly easy to manage (a couple of turns to teach players how to play and bookkeeping near to not-at-all), you will spot some very subtle findings able to make your game quite unpredictable: in other words, you need some strategy or you are dead.

At the moment we played 3 or 4 times with Andrea's fantasy rules, and Affro recently bought a copy of Mighty Monsters and Samurai Robots Battle Royale... so you can imagine how we look forward to play again!

Plans for the future:

- other fantasy 28mm games with SoBaH

- a 15mm Sci Fi Project using Flying Lead (I already own a copy, I only think we'll need to trimmer rules down a bit since it is quite dense in our opinion compared with other GG rulesets)

Lastly, I put together some of the -horrible, I admit- pictures taken from one of our last games... please enjoy an example of punished hubris :D