lunedì 3 ottobre 2011



I ordered some time ago some very nice minis from GZG, unfortunately I've been able to put my brushes on some of them just in the last days..

Here's my urban camo APC (same camo as some of my Urban Shock Troopers), complete with its gatling gun turret!

Below is a pic "in action"

Abd here's a gun turret! I like a lot this little model, still I have to add its front shield, missed somewhere in my boxes... ^_^'

Can't resist to post a couple of pics of the turret "in action", supported by an ARC Fleet sniper!
Still I don't know if I prefer to give the model a base or to leave it on its feet... any suggestion?
A base would protect a bit the model and make it looks better... still, no base means I can position the gun turret almost anywhere, like the pics below... that's an hard decision to take!