lunedì 28 giugno 2010

Rebel Minis Z-Hunters


below is a pic of 3 (out of 5) of my Z-hunters from Rebel Minis
I'd like to use them as main characters (Stars in THW game system) for my sci-fi games... I think the woman on the right can be a nice mercenary, while the other girl looks like a special agent and I suppose the man with sunglasses to be an hard boiled detective...

Will post more soon,

lunedì 21 giugno 2010

New buildings in progress


I was looking for some inexpensive raw material to build up new buildings for my next 15mm battles and I found this brick at the flower shop (!) for just 1,50 euro.
They put flowers in it (of course, that's what they sell...) but it looks great also for modelling as it can be easily cut with a knive.

So, I started making some tryouts...

Some little houses...

... and will update you if this material resists to the primer or just get melted!!!!

martedì 15 giugno 2010

BatRep: Battle at Affro's


I finally have had the opportunity to play the game I was planning!

Military patrol vs Insurgent PEFs, Sci Fi setting, Chain Reaction 3 rules: let me say that I've never found rules as good as these.

The mission: patrolling an abandoned area where Sahadeen scouts have been detected.

First of all: the table. Me and my friend Affro set up something that was between "Passable" and "OMG, that's horrible", with some well made pieces of scenary together with some crap:

As it was our first game we made some mistakes here and there, but everything has been quite smooth.

After determining the PEFs, our Recons (we played cooperatively) started patrolling the area close to the boat. A scout detached from our group found a Sahadeen presence (not a formerly determined PEF) in the Church area:

Then we kept on patrolling the other sections where we found a "false alarm" and then a "real" menace:

Then a lot of things happened! My Rocket Launcher trooper had a bad reaction to his Leader getting stunned and went away looking for cover... and became useless for the rest of the game as I sent noone to rally him (!), and we found the third PEF in the abandoned facility area, close to the Artillery Cannon:

But, despite all the resistance... at the end we won!

After this first battle I think I will have soon more... 15mm minis and THW rules are just the Holy Graal of miniature wargaming!!!!



martedì 8 giugno 2010

Sahadeen army: ready for tonight game!


I finally succeded in painting all my Sahadeen insurgents from Rebel Minis!
The paint job is quite simple, still I think that's enough for 15mm minis.

I'm going to try out tonight Chain Reaction 3 introductive scenario with Affro (have a look on his nice blog here ).

We well play as a couple of squads of hard boiled Light Recon bada$$ (from CMG) patrolling an area where Sahadeens are supposed to have left some forces.
As you can see I painted the bases with different colors as suggested in THW yahoo group so it will be very easy to recognize every guy's Reputation (the main stat in Chain Reaction system).
Red=Rep 5, Black=Rep 4, Green=Rep 3, Yellow=Rep 2.

I will post soon the battle report,
Stay tuned!