lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

Halloween is coming!


as per title... Halloween is very close and we all feel the need to add something odd and strange to our homes! I know during this time there are usually lot of games and BatReps with scary themes... and I too chose mine for an incoming game: giant rats!
Big and nasty rats are classic fantasy/rpg monsters, and it is very easy to catch a bag of 10 toys rats and transform them in 28mm wargame models ready for a quick skirmish with your game buddies:

Bases are made of plasticard; I just sprayed black the lurking creatures...

 ... and finished themoff with some drybrush painting. Red eyes and gore might be a bit bad taste but... ehi, they're a must during Halloween!

 To exterminate the ugly monsters, I took some old GW models and painted them very roughly  with a dirty color scheme... These unlucky guys take care about giant rats, so you can imagine they might be not the most appreciated and famous between the SM!

I'm not sure about the rules we'll use. Both Space Hulk (the great 1st edition) and Chain Reaction from THW might be a good choice.


lunedì 17 settembre 2012



after a nice SECRET WARS tryout with Affro, I took some of my Rebel Minis in order to convert them to be Agents with a design closer to my SW sketch below:

From Left to Right, SW Agents come in 4 categories: Tactical , Medic, Support and Engineer.

I made  with some putty the long coats and converted one of the "Post Apocaliptic Survivalist" adding a heavy weapon. It is quick and fun to make this kind of very simple conversions in 15mm, you really don't have to care much about small details since  it will be mostly the overall look what will count on the table.

At the end, this is the complete selection of Agents... I know the picture is not that good, I'll try to post a new one.
While I'm  quite satisfyied about the Tactical and the Support Agent, and think Medic is ok, the Engineer is to be improved or substituted, since I added no conversions and do not give the character feeling.

If you have any suggestion, let me know!

Download  SECRET WARS from Google Docs 


venerdì 3 agosto 2012

SECRET WARS: ready to download!


Finally… It’s here!

Please find below the link to download SECRET WARS!

As anticipated, SECRET WARS is a 15mm miniature board game played on tiles.
The game itself is easy and quick and allows to play with two or three friends; it is designed to let players create their own missions and use miniatures from their collection/adapt Stat Cards to their favourite models. 

In no way it is intended as an alternative to all the GREAT 15mm wargame system out there (btw, this is a boardgame ;) ), it is just my small “thanks” to my blog Followers and the 15mm community!

In the .rar you’ll find all it is needed to play a first game and create your own missions:

-SECRET WARS – rules: 12 pages in which you’ll find all the rules.

-Stat cards - Agents and Mercs: Cell players will use these cards to recruit their forces

-1st Mission Opponent Player's Map: The Opponent’s player map to Master the game

- Stat Cards - Opponent Forces - vehicles 1st mission: Opponent’s player grunts and vehicles

-1st mission 4xA4 boards : 1st mission playground to print and play on

-Game Tokens: doors, terminals etc…

-Gear Cards: Equipment and Weapons

-Hazard cards: when a SEARCH action fails…

-Loot Cards: when a SEARCH action has success!

Looking forward to know opinions from the experts: you! 

A big thanks goes to Dani (always sooo patient) and to Affro who tried the game yesterday evening and saw his Cell exterminated after few rooms because of his kamikaze tactics!


mercoledì 18 luglio 2012

Still not but closer!

Ok, I'm damn late... still it will not take much time now: I just have to put together some stuff in a decent manner and find out how to make the files available for downloading on Blogger!

I'm not that much of an artist, still I'm glad and quite proud to post the cover I drawn for my small game (I still might make a couple of changes):


domenica 3 giugno 2012

No Nerd's Land presents: SECRET WARS

Hi all,

very busy month at work, still I'm about finishing up NNL free game system, which now has a name: SECRET WARS! It might be not the most original name out there, still it makes sense with the dungeon crawling and cyberpunk feeling of the game... and I quite like it!

while I complete some stat cards and try understand how to put the pdf rules and game aids on my blog (really, if someone has any idea about it... O_o), I'm glad to post here a playtest in which you can start have an idea what will be the game!

Any feedback or comment is welcome,

martedì 24 aprile 2012

NNL free 15mm game Update


I promised my small ruleset to be online in April... but I need more time.
I need more time for basically two reasons: crazy days at work and, well... from "just basic rules" I decided to pack a whole game. For whole game I mean: rules to play it and some game aids.

As I anticipated, the game itself is basically a dungeon crawl, I can spoiler it has a brief grit sci-fi setting and is intended as a basic system to let players create they're adventures and use the 15mm minis they have.

Since I broke the timing, I apologize posting a couple drawings I made for the game's cards backs.
Talking about cards, there will be around 100 of them.
I'm trying to realize them as mini-cards to reduce at a minimum the paper to print them out. At the moment, I expect 15 fronts (or, 15 backs) from one A4.
Please find below the drawings:

Any suggestion/comment is more than welcome!

mercoledì 28 marzo 2012

In April... small free 15mm rules from NNL!


I decided to give a shape to an old ruleset (less than ten pages) I wrote some years ago; it was supposed to be a boardgame but I have no time nor will to do that at the moment, so I would be glad to share the rules as a freebie for the 15mm sci fi enthusiast community!

The game itself follows the line of the dungeon crawl games more than a skirmish or war simulation and is supposed to give the explore/fight/get better stuff kind of fun more than a "realistic fight" feeling.

Hope to be able to post soon some news, in the meantime me and the robot below greet you!

Stay tuned!

lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Retake of my Sahadeens


just a short post to show a very small change I made to my Sahadeens while waiting for the Rebel Minis order my friends made for my birthday :)
I personally love Sahadeen's look and I like the idea of painting black the inside of their hood, "Nazgul style".
While looking at how I painted them, I thought they were missing something...
So I added a red scarf.
That's all.

I told it was a very small thing... ^_^'

domenica 5 febbraio 2012

Toys of War


after being at Nuremberg Toy Fair I came up with more ideas of making re-use of toys for wargaming.
In particular I decided to give a very quick and rough metal brushing to a couple of T-1 I had and use them as HUGE warmachines for my 15mm figures.

From these two I started thinking to a game in which an attacking force will have to sabotage a well defended military outpost... so I added some minis I already had ready and painted a very nice Comm vehicle from GZG I ordered an year ago.
Below is the current Defenders faction:

the two Titan Mechas: they lack of fine details, still love how they stand tall close to 15mm figures and vehicles!

They are HUGE!!!!

Below is the nice GZG Communication vehicle next to my mostly beloved ARC Fleet from CMG:

And below is the Defender Faction at full streight:
-2x Titan Mechas
-Light Recons Veteran Squad
-Anti-tank gun
-Anti-personnel gun
-Comm Vehicle
-APC with Power Armor assault squad


giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Some more 15mm madness

Hi all,

these are few new things ready for next 15mm games (still wondering which fxxxx rules to use)...

Firts is a gun turret from Critical mass games, on a Mechwarior prepainted figure's base - with a crate from GZG to add some detail.

Second is a repaint of an unknown prepainted mini from Wizkids... the idea is to use it as an "Incredible Hulk" style creature!

Least but not last... this mini is a 1/72 item from -maybe- Zvezda and is part of the only 1/72 set of Sci-Fi infantry I'm aware of (not that attractive).
I used it with some 1/72 converted minis, but as I don't use them anymore, I turned it 15mm adding a green stuff cover to hide the figure inside.
In my opinion, it is quite a passable Sahadeen recon walker!!


domenica 8 gennaio 2012

End of 2011 battle

Happy new year!

I have had a very nice dinner with Dani and my friends Greg and Cleo during tthe last evening of 2011, and after that we put together a game using THW mechanics (a mix of NUTS and 5150sa).
The game itself was not bad, but I'm starting to think that THW rules are awesome... when at least half of the players knows them!
It is kind of hard to keep tracks of all reactions and characters attributes when you are the only one who knows them -and you play very rarely-, so next "party game" I'll have I think I will use something easier to explain (but always chosen between the very good stuff: Dani likes a lot Fubar and I'm starting to feel interested in in Ganesha Games  stuff...).

Then, it's a lifelong time I don't play anything fantasy themed, so something alike might be one of my next games... I'm thinking to a gameplay in the direction of Heroquest or Mordheim, with rules to be found.

Btw, I don't have many pictures of the game I mentioned above, just the few below: the goal was to find a kidnapped contractor in a zone of wasteland owned by crusties or Sahadeens -it was randomly determinded-: 3 very small task forces of ARC Fleet with their leader had to explore the tabletop, search in the structures and get back home with the prisoner... if he was still there.
In the end, the soldiers faced some crusties and fought Bugs, found the contractor... but were forced to left at least one casualty per squad. -Dani's star, in example.

Here are a couple of pics of the newly painted crusties I used: