martedì 8 giugno 2010

Sahadeen army: ready for tonight game!


I finally succeded in painting all my Sahadeen insurgents from Rebel Minis!
The paint job is quite simple, still I think that's enough for 15mm minis.

I'm going to try out tonight Chain Reaction 3 introductive scenario with Affro (have a look on his nice blog here ).

We well play as a couple of squads of hard boiled Light Recon bada$$ (from CMG) patrolling an area where Sahadeens are supposed to have left some forces.
As you can see I painted the bases with different colors as suggested in THW yahoo group so it will be very easy to recognize every guy's Reputation (the main stat in Chain Reaction system).
Red=Rep 5, Black=Rep 4, Green=Rep 3, Yellow=Rep 2.

I will post soon the battle report,
Stay tuned!


2 commenti:

  1. Just out of curiosity, why so many Rep 2?

  2. Well, I used Chain Reaction 3 "Insurgents" list to randomly determine their Rep... I think the fault belongs to my dices, too many results between 9 and 12 (which means Rep 2 from that list)!