venerdì 20 agosto 2010

"Biological Weapon" in my dictionary means "claws and fangs"


I recently ordered a few miniatures at the Rackham store with my friend Affro, taking advantage from their summer discounts.
Years ago I was quite a fan of their "Confrontation" line of minis. The quality of sculpting and design was really high and the rules were quite epic and fun.

Some years ago they proved themselves to be skilled in differentiating their product and communication in the fantasy miniature wargaming market (and, by the way, they had their part in my degree thesis "Communication Mix strategies in the Miniatures Wargaming niche of market" -Yes, I really made it. Yes, I think I'm quite a lot nerdy-)

Now I'm not sure if they still produce/sell their line of fine metal minis but they started producing some wonderful prepainted miniatures both for their fantasy and sci-fi settings.

So... as I was looking for more CR3 action (I will soon buy 5150 -Ed's Sci-Fi System, but at the moment I'm using the basic system) involving biological weapons/alien style monster I ordered:

Aberration Prime, a WONDERFUL enemy for any 28mm figure. The prepainted model was so nice as it was supplied that I just added a very little painting and some work on the base (look at my former post to know where the sand comes from...)

I like it A LOT!
I think the pic above will give an idea of the impact it can have on a game... :)))
Then I ordered the Phemera Omega (I didn't take a pic but you can see them here).
Rackham produces also very nice prepainted sci-fi soldiers. A have a bunch of them:

Below, one posing close to a GW marine for size comparison:

I will probably post in the future some photos of my old fantasy Rackham miniatures.
Hope to share very soon a batrep involving my beloved ABERRATION PRIME!


lunedì 16 agosto 2010

My souvenir from Greece

Hi all,

this small post just for fun and to say "I'm back"!
I've been with my patient gf in Karpathos, an extremely beautiful Greek Island... and now back home.
The island is quite small with just 4 gasoline stations (one with no gasoline at all, and the other 3 are all together in the middle of the island). Travelling around and about with a 50cc scooter -a crappy one, REALLY!!!!- me and Dani saw a lot of beautiful beaches.

From two of them come my souvenirs: two half-liter water bottles filled with fine/coarse sand... for miniature basing and terrains!

I promise to post very soon post more interesting pictures miniatures!!
P.s.: The pic above looks like Sitiako and Lyttos advertising.... ;)))