lunedì 16 agosto 2010

My souvenir from Greece

Hi all,

this small post just for fun and to say "I'm back"!
I've been with my patient gf in Karpathos, an extremely beautiful Greek Island... and now back home.
The island is quite small with just 4 gasoline stations (one with no gasoline at all, and the other 3 are all together in the middle of the island). Travelling around and about with a 50cc scooter -a crappy one, REALLY!!!!- me and Dani saw a lot of beautiful beaches.

From two of them come my souvenirs: two half-liter water bottles filled with fine/coarse sand... for miniature basing and terrains!

I promise to post very soon post more interesting pictures miniatures!!
P.s.: The pic above looks like Sitiako and Lyttos advertising.... ;)))


2 commenti:

  1. Ecological criminal! Do you know what would happen if everyone took two bottles of sand home for wargames terrain?

    I did the same in Grand Canaria. I was staying in a resort which had important white coral sand from Jamaica - it is perfect for 15mm scale basing. You can see it used in my last 15mm youtube basing video here:

  2. I strongly believe wargamers will be the next ones to blame in the next World Summit about environment...