giovedì 15 luglio 2010

Some 28mm madness - Prepainted minis


following up my former post involving 28mm minis I post here some photos of cheap prepainted models I found (from wizkids) and re-based to play CR3.
Some people love prepainted miniatures and some hate them... I personally like them a lot. They definitely cut away a part of the hobby, but you can have a lot of different characters ready to play in a very short time... and you can always take a brush and add details.

I found that especially Horrorclix and Halo Action Clix are very well made although HAC are not pure 28mm but taller.
Unfortunately, it seems that wizkids is kind of dead... on their website there's nothing more than Super Heroes Clix.

Below are a couple of "law bringers":

And here some psycho ^__^ :

then, some innocent bystanders:

With a decent base I think they can easily be accepted by most people...
The prepainted solution would probably fit very well for gamers who play zombie games (horrorclix sets have lots of zombies and EBay is a good source for them) or games involving civilians or so (It's boring to paint dudes without armors/rifles/swords, isn't it?)


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