venerdì 24 settembre 2010

BatRep: HeroQuest!!!


just to start: ok, I AM cheating. This blog is supposed to be a Sci-Fi oriented one... and Milton Bradley's HeroQuest, The Greatest Boardgame Ever Made is not really even a "wargame"... but I can't resist publishing the game I have had last night with Affro and Matteo: thanking the great website Ye Old Inn I set up and played with them a nice adventure (Inn of Chaos) and we did had a lot of fun!

The adventure was about a Chaos warband that has established in a Inn after killing the Innkeeper and all the people inside. The Chaos sorcerer plans to build up an undead Army (starting from the bodies of the Innkeeper and other unlucky dudes!) and rule the Land.

But he didn't consider the four Heroes coming to rest in his Inn...

We used different minis from the original ones to add a bit color (my originals are unpainted).
HeroQuest is ALWAYS HeroQuest. A great game, the first I played and still MUCH more fun than a lot of others!


martedì 14 settembre 2010

Snow on the planet... Snow troopers required!


following my former post I'm proud to share my ARC Fleet Light Recon - Winter Camo squad!
These troopers will be the main "regular" force for a game involving a polar environment or ice-cold planet.
As usual my paint job is a bit fast and furious, but since they are just 15mm tall on the table I think is the whole spectrum that really matters! -Only on this blog, every day you can find a new excuse for your lack of patience in painting... And all for free! ;)) -

Did I say I love Critical Mass Games Light Recons?

Specialists: 2 Scouts (from ARC Fleet Laser Defence Platform) with a Medic (Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines trooper I received as a gift when I ordered my Sahadeens and Z-hunters)

I love to convert/rescale miniatures. The Tracked Artillery robot above is a tank from the MechWarrior: Darkage line of pre-painted miniatures. I think it fits quite well the 15mm troopers! With a quick painting and some damages on the hull I hid details like the very small cockpit.

Now I have 3 squads consisiting of 10/12 Light Recons in 3 different Camo and can't wait to add them the incoming LR with SAWs!
Next CMG troopers you'll find on No Nerd's Land will be the ARC Fleet Augments (I have 12 of them) and a sniper who has been hidden between my 28mm miniatures until yesterday -so he must be a very skilled one-!


venerdì 10 settembre 2010

Snow on the planet... and fire in the sky!


I recently thought to build up some terrain pcs and paint a bunch of 15mm miniatures for an Arctic inspired scenario.
I still have a dozen Critical Mass Light Recons and I'm planning to paint them with a winterized armor or a colour scheme that could fit...

Below is my first attempt, I think I used too much blu ink! Any advice's welcome!

By the way... the terrain pcs on the right is a work in progress bunker made from a 28mm blister, while the APC is just an old toy.
Clearly the first Arctic Light Recon is intended to be Rep 5 in a CR3 game!


mercoledì 1 settembre 2010

BatRep: Battle at Monster&Co


as promised here's my first batrep involving the terrifying Aberration Prime!
Unfortunately we made just a few pics, anyway, this was the situation:

An abandoned research site has been taken from a well armed group of rebels looking for a loot. They don't know about the experiments the Alliance was managing underground neither why the site has been abandoned... Before being locked down by AI systems, the site launched a desperade SOS request... Now a patrol has been send to investigate. But time is runnig out: the armour-plated doors connecting the undeground labs to the outside will not resist a long time against the frenzied Biological Weapons that are now crawling in the blood-stained corridors!

I played with 6 people (!) everyone having control of 3-4 troopers and divided between Attackers (the Alliance) and Defenders (the Rebels). The ruleset is CR3, with some material from CR2 and some draft tables and stats I made...

So... I think this will start a new adventure soon!
Stay tuned!