giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Some more 15mm madness

Hi all,

these are few new things ready for next 15mm games (still wondering which fxxxx rules to use)...

Firts is a gun turret from Critical mass games, on a Mechwarior prepainted figure's base - with a crate from GZG to add some detail.

Second is a repaint of an unknown prepainted mini from Wizkids... the idea is to use it as an "Incredible Hulk" style creature!

Least but not last... this mini is a 1/72 item from -maybe- Zvezda and is part of the only 1/72 set of Sci-Fi infantry I'm aware of (not that attractive).
I used it with some 1/72 converted minis, but as I don't use them anymore, I turned it 15mm adding a green stuff cover to hide the figure inside.
In my opinion, it is quite a passable Sahadeen recon walker!!


domenica 8 gennaio 2012

End of 2011 battle

Happy new year!

I have had a very nice dinner with Dani and my friends Greg and Cleo during tthe last evening of 2011, and after that we put together a game using THW mechanics (a mix of NUTS and 5150sa).
The game itself was not bad, but I'm starting to think that THW rules are awesome... when at least half of the players knows them!
It is kind of hard to keep tracks of all reactions and characters attributes when you are the only one who knows them -and you play very rarely-, so next "party game" I'll have I think I will use something easier to explain (but always chosen between the very good stuff: Dani likes a lot Fubar and I'm starting to feel interested in in Ganesha Games  stuff...).

Then, it's a lifelong time I don't play anything fantasy themed, so something alike might be one of my next games... I'm thinking to a gameplay in the direction of Heroquest or Mordheim, with rules to be found.

Btw, I don't have many pictures of the game I mentioned above, just the few below: the goal was to find a kidnapped contractor in a zone of wasteland owned by crusties or Sahadeens -it was randomly determinded-: 3 very small task forces of ARC Fleet with their leader had to explore the tabletop, search in the structures and get back home with the prisoner... if he was still there.
In the end, the soldiers faced some crusties and fought Bugs, found the contractor... but were forced to left at least one casualty per squad. -Dani's star, in example.

Here are a couple of pics of the newly painted crusties I used: