giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Some more 15mm madness

Hi all,

these are few new things ready for next 15mm games (still wondering which fxxxx rules to use)...

Firts is a gun turret from Critical mass games, on a Mechwarior prepainted figure's base - with a crate from GZG to add some detail.

Second is a repaint of an unknown prepainted mini from Wizkids... the idea is to use it as an "Incredible Hulk" style creature!

Least but not last... this mini is a 1/72 item from -maybe- Zvezda and is part of the only 1/72 set of Sci-Fi infantry I'm aware of (not that attractive).
I used it with some 1/72 converted minis, but as I don't use them anymore, I turned it 15mm adding a green stuff cover to hide the figure inside.
In my opinion, it is quite a passable Sahadeen recon walker!!


3 commenti:

  1. Love the gun turret! Looks like time to get on the Critical Mass website agin and dig deep! Great painting and very effective base!