lunedì 8 dicembre 2014

Five Parsecs from being back!

Hi all!

It's been a long time since I last wrote something on NNL, and I'm so sorry about that. I unfortunately (or luckily) have had lots of things to do... i.e. I now live with my patient girlfriend!

Still, I have TONS of newly painted minis and in these months I tried some very cool rules: I played with my mates terrific Ganesha Games battles (love these rules!), and I found my new paragon in wargaming rulesets: the Fivecore System from Nordic Weasel Games!

Really, this is something I did not expect: with this ruleset and its expansion Five Parsecs From Home I felt something I was missing in miniature gaming since a long time: the feeling of an adventure, story-driven game!

I never played but was a great fan of GW's original Rogue Trader because it was so full of imagination and was all about adventures and quests instead of  revolving "only" around battles... each game had a story, players and NPCs had interesting interactions and backgrounds... and this is exactly what I love of Five Parsecs: Ivan Sorensen brought back this feeling forgotten for a long time in my games!

By now I tryed the game only once with my friend Yuri (he's the one who told me about this great system!) but it was enough to confirm my first impression. I hope to be able to post soon a batrep.

BTW: I will try in the next weeks to post pictures of all the new minis I've done in these last months and be aware... I also discovered the world of 15mm fantasy, so expect to see something soon! :D

Since my last post was about ARC Fleet light recon color schemes (still my favourite sci-fi soldiers out there) I leave you with a couple of pictures of the painting I decided for some of them:

- my SWAT teams will now have a new "blue" look as I did not like anymore my former paintjob, below you see the comparison between new (left) and old (right):

- some special operations squads will now have a new camo I quite like:

All in all, I greet you with a peek to my small 15mm playground so you know I was not jocking when I said I worked on some gaming stuff in the last months ^_^'... I will post more about all my new terrain stuff in the next weeks!

Take care!