domenica 27 novembre 2011

15mm GZG Bots


still waiting to play 5150... but I finally have been able to put my brushes on some of the 15mm minis I had to paint! I'm still working on GZG Crusties, but I managed to finalize some of their awesome robots!

Spider bots are fantastic sculpts and a joy to paint; I had no idea how to base them (euro cents were too small!), then I found out some metal washers  which are just perfect and make them look powerful:

I decided to paint them blue, kind of "police/security bots"... I quite like the way they look:

Next are a couple of "Johnny 5"style robots I painted with the green color scheme I used for some of my Critical Mass ARC Fleet:

I still have few minis from GZG, then I'll probably need to refill with some more 15mm... and probably will be ZOMBIES!!


giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Toys, 2HW and Mad Max


might be because they're my job, but I love toys and think they are always a great resource for modelling and wargaming: they often offer very cheap still passable solutions for a geek everyday's needs.

I have been thinking for a long time about a 28mm post-apocalyptic skirmish (Fallout style) but did not know what to use for it, until..

1) I found Javier's Fallout campaing system for CR2 on 2HWyahoo group -fxxxxxing incredible.
2) got NUTS from Ed -fxxxxxing amazing.
3) buyed 5150 Star Army -fxxxxxing awesome.

Mixing the 3 things (campaign, loot/special rules from Javier GREAT work, scifi weapon armors from 5150, clunky gear and focus of a party of guys against all the world from NUTS) I'm sure it will come out a great game!

Now, back to the minis, I ordered for different pourposes a bag of 80 Warzone plastic minis from Prince August (I'm waiting for them to come). they look great in my opinion and are a perfect base for tons of conversions; then I took some cheap toys to create some further stuff...

This very ignorant brute for instance...

... is wip to become a Behemoth SuperMutant!

This nice toy car... going to run on wasteland's roads!

 Will update,