domenica 27 novembre 2011

15mm GZG Bots


still waiting to play 5150... but I finally have been able to put my brushes on some of the 15mm minis I had to paint! I'm still working on GZG Crusties, but I managed to finalize some of their awesome robots!

Spider bots are fantastic sculpts and a joy to paint; I had no idea how to base them (euro cents were too small!), then I found out some metal washers  which are just perfect and make them look powerful:

I decided to paint them blue, kind of "police/security bots"... I quite like the way they look:

Next are a couple of "Johnny 5"style robots I painted with the green color scheme I used for some of my Critical Mass ARC Fleet:

I still have few minis from GZG, then I'll probably need to refill with some more 15mm... and probably will be ZOMBIES!!


6 commenti:

  1. That's a cool spin on those GZG drones, I have a few but haven't yet decided on a color scheme.

  2. Those GZG spider robots are simply awesome! Great paintwork on 'em.

  3. Fantastic work on those robot spider drones. Mine are very plain and could really do with some additional colour to spice them up.

  4. Thanks all for your kind words... and Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Great miniatures. I love the colour schemes. Happy new year, btw. :)