lunedì 31 maggio 2010

Support fire


after seeing a video preview of the next Ghost Recon, I put together this little robot to support my fireteams.
It is a very old toy tank from micromachines with components taken from a mechwarrior:dark age tank. The parts I took from the MW:DA model are supposed to be gatling guns but I will try to paint them to resemble four "robotic eyes"!
The big gun is from the nice game "Star Quest" -I'm still a big fan of his brother "Hero Quest!"-


martedì 25 maggio 2010

Maybe one day I will finally be able to PLAY!!!!


I'm going a bit slowly with painting but I'd like to show you some wip.
Below are my Sahadeens, both soldiers and special weapons.
As soon as possible I will complete the force to use it as insurgents for Chain Reaction 3 "Patrol" scenary at the end of the book (you can find all the infos and download the rules for free here: ).
A very nice thing of this scenary -and of THW in general- is that you can play in cooperation with a friend and let "the game" handle the Possible Enemy Forces.

Then, as the background I'm planning involves marsh and savage environments, I was thinking to add some random threats... like bugs or some strange monsters.
Well... after years of collecting all kind of crap I have a lot of stuff that can be useful :)!
Some rubber spiders and old minis from Mage Knight would perfectly work:

And if you have any question about the size...

Hope to be able to post soon a batrep!!!!


lunedì 17 maggio 2010

First of my Sahadeen!


I'm working on tons of Sahadeen warriors...
I post a picture of the first tryout: while it is far from being perfect (need some more work) I think this level of detail could be ok for "common" troopers on the table.
About the face under the hood, I'm thinking to cover it in black (just leaving the metal breath mask) and leave it with a "nazgul" feel!

Ps: as for all my 15mm, the base is the most inexpansive: an Euro cent!!!
I will soon post the entire platoon!


giovedì 13 maggio 2010

exploring the ruins


another pic of some AF Light Recons looking for Sahadeens in the ruins of a gothic temple.
As they are not used to go to church, they asked an Exo Armor trooper with twin gatling guns to join them.
The exo trooper is -again!- an old 28mm figure; I can't remember the manufacturer, it might be something related with Starship Troopers but I really have no idea!


lunedì 10 maggio 2010

Marsh battle -terrain tryout


instead of posting pics of the finished terrains I was working on -there might be some more work in order to make all the cardboard edges invisible...-, as they're all just quick-and-easy and not incredibly detailed if taken alone (I saw amazing terrain pieces on the blogs I'm following!), I opted for posting pics of the tabletop I'm trying to compose for the game to come (I have a lot of Sahadeen waiting for some painting...).

Here's my Light Recon patrolling an abandoned marsh area, assisted by an exo-armor support (a GW 28mm Tau model). At the moment their work is useless... I'm sure they'll find no Sahadeen warriors to riot with ;) .
I would like to add more and more vegetation to the final display.

Below is a closeup of the Light Recon and Exo support taking control of the area.
Still no Sahadeens on sight!

Below a third photo showing the nice Tau model I used for Exo Armor trooper. I like its aspect a bit similar to Hiroki Endo's Eden exo armors (I can't find pictures on the web, you can refer to Wikipedia for more info about:! ).
Some 28mm minis work very well with 15mm troopers!

If you have any comment/suggestion just let me know!


mercoledì 5 maggio 2010

Rebel Minis Sahadeen and Zed Hunters


Finally I find the time to post some more. Today I'd like to show you the minis I received from Rebel Minis (
I would like to spend some words about them (kind of a short review! :)

First, let me apologize for the grotesque quality of the pictures... my camera does not have such a zoom... When they'll be painted I will ask my -very- patient girlfriend to take some good pics with her kick-a$$ camera and her good talent.

Anyhow, below are the basic Sahadeen warriors, in comparison with an Arc Fleet Light Recon from Critical Mass Games.
The quality of all the minis I received is STUNNING. My bad pics cannot give a pale idea of how nice the models are.
All are dressed with coats, eye/mouth protections, hoods and carry a nice "realistic" rifle with sight. There are 21 minis in 4 poses plus a commander.
And... they fit PERFECTLY the scale of my ARC Fleet Light Recon!!!!! See the picture below!!
They are fantastic together: the impression of having some proud insurgents dressed with a sort of uniform made of clothes only near a light armored soldier is perfectly simulated.
i.e.: their heads are slightly smaller than the AFLR's helmeted head and that's great in my opinion!
They are perfect for the game I was planning to play.

These guys below are from the Sahadeen Gun Team (6 minis). the models are a sniper (that comes with a spotter), a missile launcher guy and a SAW carrier.
All the models are really cool and well done -my favourite is the SAW gunner!- and as above, they perfectly fits their sahadeen friends and the CMG Light Recon troopers.

At last... they're not really sci-fi but I was very curious about these minis.... the zombie hunters!
Five characters with very fine details. From the left: an agile gunslinger girl, a "Lara Croft" style woman -the comparison comes out more for the big breast than for the two UZIs!- a rapper with a shotgun, a mercenary/soldier girl with an MP5, and a fat bald guy with mustaches and a gun (it will be my friend Affro's favourite!).
As for the Sahadeen, they looks just great with AFLR.
These minis can be just perfect in case of need for special characters.
Rebel Minis guys have been so kind to include for free a sample of their Earth Force Marines. The model is the last on the right, and looks very good... maybe my next purchase? Maybe... togheter with tons of their Zombies!! I know they work in partnership with Two Hour Wargames that produce the famous ATZ game... nothing less than good things can come from this relationship!!

Hope to be able to post soon better pictures with painted minis!


domenica 2 maggio 2010

"San Pietro" ;) -wip-


here's a pic of a piece of WH40k scenery I have had for years... unpainted. I always thought it was too small for 28mm miniatures, but I think it looks great for 15mm.
So I decided to paint it.
Here's the base coat: