lunedì 10 maggio 2010

Marsh battle -terrain tryout


instead of posting pics of the finished terrains I was working on -there might be some more work in order to make all the cardboard edges invisible...-, as they're all just quick-and-easy and not incredibly detailed if taken alone (I saw amazing terrain pieces on the blogs I'm following!), I opted for posting pics of the tabletop I'm trying to compose for the game to come (I have a lot of Sahadeen waiting for some painting...).

Here's my Light Recon patrolling an abandoned marsh area, assisted by an exo-armor support (a GW 28mm Tau model). At the moment their work is useless... I'm sure they'll find no Sahadeen warriors to riot with ;) .
I would like to add more and more vegetation to the final display.

Below is a closeup of the Light Recon and Exo support taking control of the area.
Still no Sahadeens on sight!

Below a third photo showing the nice Tau model I used for Exo Armor trooper. I like its aspect a bit similar to Hiroki Endo's Eden exo armors (I can't find pictures on the web, you can refer to Wikipedia for more info about:! ).
Some 28mm minis work very well with 15mm troopers!

If you have any comment/suggestion just let me know!


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