martedì 25 maggio 2010

Maybe one day I will finally be able to PLAY!!!!


I'm going a bit slowly with painting but I'd like to show you some wip.
Below are my Sahadeens, both soldiers and special weapons.
As soon as possible I will complete the force to use it as insurgents for Chain Reaction 3 "Patrol" scenary at the end of the book (you can find all the infos and download the rules for free here: ).
A very nice thing of this scenary -and of THW in general- is that you can play in cooperation with a friend and let "the game" handle the Possible Enemy Forces.

Then, as the background I'm planning involves marsh and savage environments, I was thinking to add some random threats... like bugs or some strange monsters.
Well... after years of collecting all kind of crap I have a lot of stuff that can be useful :)!
Some rubber spiders and old minis from Mage Knight would perfectly work:

And if you have any question about the size...

Hope to be able to post soon a batrep!!!!


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