lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Retake of my Sahadeens


just a short post to show a very small change I made to my Sahadeens while waiting for the Rebel Minis order my friends made for my birthday :)
I personally love Sahadeen's look and I like the idea of painting black the inside of their hood, "Nazgul style".
While looking at how I painted them, I thought they were missing something...
So I added a red scarf.
That's all.

I told it was a very small thing... ^_^'

domenica 5 febbraio 2012

Toys of War


after being at Nuremberg Toy Fair I came up with more ideas of making re-use of toys for wargaming.
In particular I decided to give a very quick and rough metal brushing to a couple of T-1 I had and use them as HUGE warmachines for my 15mm figures.

From these two I started thinking to a game in which an attacking force will have to sabotage a well defended military outpost... so I added some minis I already had ready and painted a very nice Comm vehicle from GZG I ordered an year ago.
Below is the current Defenders faction:

the two Titan Mechas: they lack of fine details, still love how they stand tall close to 15mm figures and vehicles!

They are HUGE!!!!

Below is the nice GZG Communication vehicle next to my mostly beloved ARC Fleet from CMG:

And below is the Defender Faction at full streight:
-2x Titan Mechas
-Light Recons Veteran Squad
-Anti-tank gun
-Anti-personnel gun
-Comm Vehicle
-APC with Power Armor assault squad