domenica 24 ottobre 2010

Free small paper houses!

Dear all,

I've been busy with what pays for our gaming habits (work) but finally I can post my first small contribute to all the 15mm gamers out there :).
Here are 4 small paper buildings; they're quite homemade and nothing impressive, still they're free from me and can help you to add some last minute terrain pcs to your table!

Hope to be able to post more (and better) soon!

Btw: you are free to use them but for commercial purposes; the papers are a resource from the Two Hour Wargames yahoo group.

venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

A paper place called Home


A couple of evenings ago I was playing with my laptop (and incredibly it was not Fallout 3...) and I had the idea of putting together some paper terrain for my 15mm miniatures.
So I created and printed them out: I have been enough lucky to match the scale at first attempt, still my job is nothing incredible but quite nice.

I put together a very small “cottage” style room and a dirty apartment; below are pics showing minis for size comparison:

Please note I mainly used resources from dotcom (I found the textures Googling around and about and the papers scattered on the ground come from the THW yahoo Group files section (Damn, I really can’t find again the exact section where I took them).

I’m currently working on buildings same size/style (the new square roof is now better than the sample above!) but made with my own textures; when done I’ll be glad to share them here... on NNL!