venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

A paper place called Home


A couple of evenings ago I was playing with my laptop (and incredibly it was not Fallout 3...) and I had the idea of putting together some paper terrain for my 15mm miniatures.
So I created and printed them out: I have been enough lucky to match the scale at first attempt, still my job is nothing incredible but quite nice.

I put together a very small “cottage” style room and a dirty apartment; below are pics showing minis for size comparison:

Please note I mainly used resources from dotcom (I found the textures Googling around and about and the papers scattered on the ground come from the THW yahoo Group files section (Damn, I really can’t find again the exact section where I took them).

I’m currently working on buildings same size/style (the new square roof is now better than the sample above!) but made with my own textures; when done I’ll be glad to share them here... on NNL!



3 commenti:

  1. Very cool! We should use the cottage for the next "Inn of Chaos" HeroQuest scenario! :) Nice work, Lobo!

  2. Thank you very much for your kind comments!