martedì 14 settembre 2010

Snow on the planet... Snow troopers required!


following my former post I'm proud to share my ARC Fleet Light Recon - Winter Camo squad!
These troopers will be the main "regular" force for a game involving a polar environment or ice-cold planet.
As usual my paint job is a bit fast and furious, but since they are just 15mm tall on the table I think is the whole spectrum that really matters! -Only on this blog, every day you can find a new excuse for your lack of patience in painting... And all for free! ;)) -

Did I say I love Critical Mass Games Light Recons?

Specialists: 2 Scouts (from ARC Fleet Laser Defence Platform) with a Medic (Rebel Minis Earth Force Marines trooper I received as a gift when I ordered my Sahadeens and Z-hunters)

I love to convert/rescale miniatures. The Tracked Artillery robot above is a tank from the MechWarrior: Darkage line of pre-painted miniatures. I think it fits quite well the 15mm troopers! With a quick painting and some damages on the hull I hid details like the very small cockpit.

Now I have 3 squads consisiting of 10/12 Light Recons in 3 different Camo and can't wait to add them the incoming LR with SAWs!
Next CMG troopers you'll find on No Nerd's Land will be the ARC Fleet Augments (I have 12 of them) and a sniper who has been hidden between my 28mm miniatures until yesterday -so he must be a very skilled one-!


3 commenti:

  1. That winter camo scheme is very effecctive. Well done.


  2. Thanks Mark :)
    I think in the future I will refine a bit the paint job... but first I will put together and paint more minis and terrains for the Arctic setting!

  3. Great job, Lobo! The tank looks great and the additonal painting adds a lot to the miniature.