mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

Neverending Dilemma


I'm into the average nerdy wargamer dilemma: what is the best scale to play with?
Ok- there's no one scale which is better than another... still, I'm promising myself to follow these guidelines that should allow me to use the TON of minis I collected in 28mm, 15mm and even 20mm:

-I will use the nice, inexpensive and space saving 15mm minis for large battles in "open" environments involving vehicles and buildings
-maybe I will sometimes use 20mm instead of 15mm (just for the pleasure of changing something!)
-My 28mm minis will be used for a slightly better personal feeling to adventures, and will be employed for dungeon crawlings as well as scenarios involving detailed characters instead of squads of grunts.

There are simply too many minis in the market -and in my house...- to give up with a scale.
Then, I found that CR3 system is perfectly able to manage all the level of details I'd like to try.
Add some features to grunts and Stars and you have a lite rpg.
Use more generic pieces and the game will run fast with more combatants involved.

As I started my little blog with the idea of reducing posts without pictures to the lest possible (pictures are what I'm usually looking at on other's blog... and all the blogs I follow have plenty of VERY nice photos or images!) and in relation to what I said above about playing "detailed characters when in mood for 28mm", I post here a pic of the party I prepared some years ago for Inquisitor game (GW specialist game).

From left: Blood Angel Sgt, Space Wolf veteran, Inquisitor, Imperial Guard Sniper.

I played "Inquisitor" once but the rules were uber detailed for my/my friends taste... guess what ruleset I'm going to use, now? :)))


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  1. Besides your interesting post, I should chip in and agree wholeheartedly with the "no pics" comment. I also try to keep those posts to the minimum, and when I want to post some thoughts or something it´s always fun to look around the house and take a pic of a mini in it´s display, or the workbench, or even someone else´s stuff just to illustrate.

    As yourself, that´s what I´m looking for in other people´s blogs!

  2. Dear Dogui, thanks for your kind comment; then... I saw your gallery and it's really really cool!