lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

Halloween is coming!


as per title... Halloween is very close and we all feel the need to add something odd and strange to our homes! I know during this time there are usually lot of games and BatReps with scary themes... and I too chose mine for an incoming game: giant rats!
Big and nasty rats are classic fantasy/rpg monsters, and it is very easy to catch a bag of 10 toys rats and transform them in 28mm wargame models ready for a quick skirmish with your game buddies:

Bases are made of plasticard; I just sprayed black the lurking creatures...

 ... and finished themoff with some drybrush painting. Red eyes and gore might be a bit bad taste but... ehi, they're a must during Halloween!

 To exterminate the ugly monsters, I took some old GW models and painted them very roughly  with a dirty color scheme... These unlucky guys take care about giant rats, so you can imagine they might be not the most appreciated and famous between the SM!

I'm not sure about the rules we'll use. Both Space Hulk (the great 1st edition) and Chain Reaction from THW might be a good choice.


3 commenti:

  1. Ottimo lavoro! Gli SM acchiappatopi sono una geniale aggiunta all'universo di WH40K! :)

  2. Great idea for scratchwork. Nicely done!

  3. Dear Matteo and Anne, thanks for your comments!