venerdì 3 agosto 2012

SECRET WARS: ready to download!


Finally… It’s here!

Please find below the link to download SECRET WARS!

As anticipated, SECRET WARS is a 15mm miniature board game played on tiles.
The game itself is easy and quick and allows to play with two or three friends; it is designed to let players create their own missions and use miniatures from their collection/adapt Stat Cards to their favourite models. 

In no way it is intended as an alternative to all the GREAT 15mm wargame system out there (btw, this is a boardgame ;) ), it is just my small “thanks” to my blog Followers and the 15mm community!

In the .rar you’ll find all it is needed to play a first game and create your own missions:

-SECRET WARS – rules: 12 pages in which you’ll find all the rules.

-Stat cards - Agents and Mercs: Cell players will use these cards to recruit their forces

-1st Mission Opponent Player's Map: The Opponent’s player map to Master the game

- Stat Cards - Opponent Forces - vehicles 1st mission: Opponent’s player grunts and vehicles

-1st mission 4xA4 boards : 1st mission playground to print and play on

-Game Tokens: doors, terminals etc…

-Gear Cards: Equipment and Weapons

-Hazard cards: when a SEARCH action fails…

-Loot Cards: when a SEARCH action has success!

Looking forward to know opinions from the experts: you! 

A big thanks goes to Dani (always sooo patient) and to Affro who tried the game yesterday evening and saw his Cell exterminated after few rooms because of his kamikaze tactics!


3 commenti:

  1. ok.
    Today it's the perfect day:
    -last day of work before summer holidays
    - first release of secret wars


    ok, but i played it with my 28mm. Do you think it's possible?

  2. ahaha thanks! Sure it is possible; only thing is that you'll have the impression of very short weapon ranges.. I suggest to play on slightly bigger squares!
    looking forward to know if the game fits your taste!

  3. I had a look through the game rules and they look interesting, quite easy to catch while the game seems to be challenging for Corporative Cell players.
    Hope to give it a go this week, thanks for the game!