martedì 24 aprile 2012

NNL free 15mm game Update


I promised my small ruleset to be online in April... but I need more time.
I need more time for basically two reasons: crazy days at work and, well... from "just basic rules" I decided to pack a whole game. For whole game I mean: rules to play it and some game aids.

As I anticipated, the game itself is basically a dungeon crawl, I can spoiler it has a brief grit sci-fi setting and is intended as a basic system to let players create they're adventures and use the 15mm minis they have.

Since I broke the timing, I apologize posting a couple drawings I made for the game's cards backs.
Talking about cards, there will be around 100 of them.
I'm trying to realize them as mini-cards to reduce at a minimum the paper to print them out. At the moment, I expect 15 fronts (or, 15 backs) from one A4.
Please find below the drawings:

Any suggestion/comment is more than welcome!

4 commenti:

  1. This looks interesting.

    One suggestion though! The artwork you have posted here, as Card backs, looks very printer ink heavy. It might be an idea to do a printer friendly version that uses less ink too...

  2. Dear David, thanks for your kind suggestion, I will do that for sure.

  3. I will suggest to make a 9 card page, 15 sure is ink friendly but think about our poor eyes ;)

    Can't wait to see the rules! :D

  4. Dear Zerloon, thanks for your hint, I'll try my best to achieve an eye-friendly solution!
    Hope to update soon,