domenica 15 dicembre 2013

ARC Fleet Light Recon color schemes

Hi all,

I recently ordered some great stuff with Yuri from GZG but, when we met to split the order (and have a beer), we decided also to trade some of the minis we already had.

So I now have... 15-16 more ARC Fleet Light Recon from Critical Mass Games!
Just by surfing on this blog you might understand how much I love these minis, in my opinion they are so well proportioned and their uniform is just perfectly fitting my taste.
They remember me a bit Halo's ODST and that is pretty good too!

So, since I will have to paint some more of them (and I'm thinking to order a dozen more and make an army) I made some reference tables to study new color schemes for them, please enjoy :)

Let me know if you like/will use any of them for your minis!


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