lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

We'll be missing you, Rackham

Dear all,

I found very bad news on the internet: Rackham, one of the best miniature manufacturer I was aware of went out of business on fall October 2010.
Their metal models and skirmish rules were really well made and in my opinion set up a new standard.
We will miss your vision, guys.

Ho trovato una pessima notizia on line: Rackham, una delle migliori case produttrici di miniature in 28mm ha definitivamente chiuso i battenti a fine ottobre 2010.
Rackham produceva alcune delle più belle miniature fantasy mai realizzate ed un regolamento di schermaglie davvero buono.
Ci mancherete ragazzi...

Apart from my painting, the minis were wonderful..
a parte che dipingo col cxxo, i modelli erano proprio belli..


2 commenti:

  1. I agree great minis and sorry to see them go. They were the trailblazers that companies like Privateer Press followed behind initially but I guess whoever runs the PP world had a bigger commercial hat on.

  2. I guess you're completely right..