mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013

SECRET WARS of Zombieland!


further some encouraging feedback I had to my "Sci-Fi dungeon Crawling" free-game SECRET WARS, I'm putting together a small yet hopefully fun expansion: let me introduce you GENCOM: Genetic Commerce.

In the world of SECRET WARS, where the Earth we know is broken and sick, Governments are just representative and what rules the world is the brutal Corporation, big and small conflicts turn up daily... a tragedy for someone but -as it always is- a lucrative business for someone else. 

GENCOM is a new but powerful Company. Born as a medical research institute focused on bio-implants and genetic manipulation, it has quickly become a player in the black market of Bio-Weapons and it is rumored to have connections with some of the Nations which claims independence and aim to undermine the Corporation's hegemony.

And here comes your oppurtunity as a Corporative Cell Commander: the Intellighentias have nothing against infected Zombies, snarling Bio-Hulks or small conflicts which sustain the world's bloody Economy... but GENCOM business is slowly becoming more and more troublesome and time consuming to handle in an official way and the Corporation is not going to tolerate it anymore.
So the matter will be not treated on a meeting table nor in an open conflict, but with the quick and surgical action of a chosen group of Agents.

So stay tuned for the update and let me know if you like the game or not: any comment or review will  be much appreciated and blessed by the Gods of Heavy Metal and Miniatures enthusiasts!

Click the Pic and Download  SECRET WARS from Google Docs 


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